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Canadian History Ehx

Mar 30, 2020

She was the first female aeronautical engineer in Canada, and a leader in her industry. She would be help get the Hurricane aircraft off the ground and produced at a record production rate for the Battle of Britain, and help save the United Kingdom from the Nazis as a result.

In addition, she spent her later years...

Mar 29, 2020

It was the first major engagement for the Royal Newfoundland Regiment in Europe during the war. In the space of 30 minutes, 85 per cent of the regiment would be killed or injured.

It was a costly battle for the regiment, but one that lives on today in Newfoundland every July 1. 

I continue my look at the battles of...

Mar 28, 2020

It was once in a logging town in the middle of the frontier, before it eventually became the capital of the second-largest country on the planet.

It is a story of moving capitals, squabbles and anger over the eventual choice made by the Queen herself. 




Mar 25, 2020

He was born the son of a chief, and he would rise up to become one of the leading Cree in the Canadian Prairies. 

The last to sign Treaty 6, and only when he had no choice, he knew that the Canadian government would not live up to its promises. 

He would protect civilians during the 1885 Rebellion, yet still be tried...

Mar 23, 2020

From 1857 to 1859, five men set out from the Red River area and began exploring and surveying the Canadian West. Their surveys would help lead the railway through in three decades time, and also change the western industry from fur trading to agriculture. 

They would spur on European settlement, which would also...