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Canadian History Ehx

Oct 30, 2020

In honour of the Halloween season, I have a special episode of the podcast all about the unsettling and weird mysteries of Canada. From the Headless Valley, to the death of Tom Thomson, to ghost ships on the Great Lakes, there are some great tales to tell.

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Oct 29, 2020

He is one of the most celebrated Indigenous actors in Canadian history, as well as an activist and philanthropist. For years, he has been helping others, including through the annual Huron Carole event. 

Today, I talk with Tom Jackson about the Huron Carole and what we can all do to help people all year long.


Oct 28, 2020

A huge year in Canadian politics that would see a massive shift int he political landscape, it was also the year where several important Canadians were born, and a tragic bridge accident would occur.

Time to look at 1896 in Canada!




Oct 26, 2020

Today, I speak with Canadian War Museum historian, and Order of Canada recipient, Tim Cook about Canada's war history and his book The Fight For History.

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Oct 24, 2020

Mikak was the first-known Inuit person to travel to Europe and back. She was vital to the success of the first settlements in Labrador for England and was a key figure in the 1700s era of settlement and trade in the region.

Today, I look at her story.