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Canadian History Ehx

Oct 25, 2021

The northern Alberta town of High Level has a history that dates back thousands of years thanks to the Dene people, but the community itself dates to the mid-20th Century.

Today, it has the largest stockpile of wood at a sawmill in the entire world, the most northerly grain elevator in Canada and a huge amount of oil...

Oct 24, 2021

In 1999, a commercial debuted with the goal of encouraging people to question what they see on television. What no one expected was that the little House Hippo featured in that commercial would become a part of Canadian culture, remembered to this day as a nostalgic part of our past. 


Oct 23, 2021

Today, I am looking at the life of Gabriel Dumont. A Metis leader, he would spend his life trying to preserve the culture and land of his people, while his requests were ignored by the Canadian government. Leading the 1885 Resistance in the hopes of gaining land claims for the Metis, he would spend years in exile in...

Oct 20, 2021

Neepawa, Manitoba was formed when 30 Ontario settlers decided they like the area and settled down. The community would slowly grow and many of its original buildings still stand to this day. It is also the birthplace and hometown of Margaret Laurence, one of Canada's greatest writers. 


Oct 16, 2021

A dropped pipe on a hay stack would lead to the worst disaster in St. John's history. With high winds, a month of no rain and poor decisions by the city government and fire department, within 12 hours, 66% of St. John's was destroyed, 11,000 were homeless & $423 million (in today's funds) in damages had resulted.